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Bolton Abbey, Saltaire, MalhamDay Tours

A car, a wonderful guide and well… there is no better way of exploring this wonderful landscape and its attractions.


The home of the Brontës and cobbled streets that echo to the stories that shaped their lives.

The Worth Valley

This is the wild, harsh and beautiful landscape of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

This is the landscape of the Millstone Grits, blasted by Pennine weather and worked by the hill farmers to the sounds of sheepdogs, curlews and linnets.


Sir Titus Salt’s model village, now a World Heritage Site with Hockney’s diners, cafés and the sheer scale of the industrial revolution.


The gentle certainty of Betty’s Tea Rooms, wonderful shopping, the famous lido… set against the backdrop of breathtaking moorland and the wooded valley of the River Wharfe.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park

The majestic beauty of limestone landscapes with vibrant grasslands and towering escarpments. Malham Cove will take your breath away, while the ruins of Bolton Abbey will transport you to different times.

This is the landscape of James Herriot and the Calendar Girls.


The packages start from £200 for two people and go up to £600, depending on the vehicles used and the design of the programme.


Please contact Johnnie Briggs to discuss your requirements, check availability and negotiate a price.


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