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Ponden reservoir, Stanbury residents and the Friendly InnEducation

Our education services are second to none. We work with teachers from Primary, Secondary, Adult, TEFL and Higher Education.

Whatever your starting point we can bring our knowledge to the table and work with you to tailor your visit to the curriculum that you are exploring. We bring the subjects to life within the fabric of the village and the surrounding area.

We love to make the links between people’s lives, the social conditions, reform movements and to wider European and World events.

We love to explore the Worth Valley and the Pennine landscape. This is the story of the Millstone Grits, of water, of settlements, hill farmers, trade routes, mills and the dynasties that rose and fell with the ravages of industry and trade.

As for literature…

This is the landscape that gave voice to the Brontës. Their poetry and prose reflect its harsh beauty and the journey of their heroines who struggle to claim their place in the world.

Above all we love to make your visit enjoyable and exciting. We can provide you with guides, walks, tours and stories. 

We can provide you with a well resourced venue to use as a base for your visit. This includes excellent rest rooms, fully equipped kitchen and rooms to use as a teaching or organising base. The venue has wireless connection and the bookings are made on a sessional basis.

Or we can simply point you in the right direction.



To discuss your requirements and negotiate the cost please contact...


Mobile: 07749 108 105

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