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The following are some of the reviews and articles for Brontë Walks.

Guided Walks

In January 2010, the Brontë Society Gazette: Issue 50, January  ISNN  1344-5940, published a review by Lorna Stephens…

“Readings from letters, passages from their poetry and excerpts from their books accompanied the tour, widening our knowledge of the famous family and transporting the listener back to 19th Century Yorkshire. Johnnie Briggs’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for all things Brontë overflowed with abundance making the hour long tour fly by… his expertise made this tour a most worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Set a date with Johnnie and enjoy a delightful tour… I promise you won’t regret it.”

In August 2011 ‘The Passionate Brontës’ was included in the four day Yorkshire prize package for an American Jane Eyre Sweepstake offered by Welcome to Yorkshire.

Marianne Knight from Utah was one of the winners… September 2011

“Dear Welcome to Yorkshire

Just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for such an incredible experience with the Jane Eyre Sweepstakes trip to Yorkshire.

I am a British literature geek (and a writer by profession), and my husband is a tech-and-outdoors-geek, which means I was excited to spend some time learning about the Brontës, but my husband was not as enthusiastic. He was looking forward to the days in York, riding steam trains, and maybe going for a hike somewhere. But I managed to convince him to watch Jane Eyre again before the trip, and he started to catch the vision.

Now that the trip is behind us, I can say that our ‘Brontë day’ in Haworth was probably the highlight of the whole trip. And not just for me!

The Passionate Brontës walking tour was absolutely amazing. I didn’t want the tour to be over, and I would’ve been willing to listen to our guide all morning. His passion, knowledge, and story-telling had us so captivated, that when we visited the Parsonage Museum after the walk, my husband was so immersed in the Brontës world that he carefully read every plaque and closely inspected every artefact…

It was one of those days and experiences I know I'll never forget.”

Day Tours

August 2011, Maha Hussain…

“I cannot say enough good things about Brontë Walks, and particularly about Mr. Briggs. He was an exceptional guide. As my mother and I were only in Haworth overnight, we only had one afternoon/evening in which to explore Haworth and the surrounding countryside. Mr. Briggs designed a perfect tour for us, one that reflected all of the interests we'd previously discussed as well as several delightful surprises. He is deeply knowledgeable, both about the Brontës and the history of the region. His love of the valley shines through every moment spent in his company. Apart from his obvious passion for the subject, he was an extremely considerate tour guide - water and fruit were waiting for us, the tickets we needed were previously booked, and when it was all over, he dropped us off in time for dinner. Excellent service, and an absolute pleasure from start to finish. I would recommend him unreservedly, and will definitely call him when next in Yorkshire.”

The full review is on Trip Advisor.

Visit England, Welcome to Yorkshire and
Bradford Metropolitan Council

I work on behalf of these organisations hosting visiting journalists, tour operators, film makers and broadcasters.

March 2011 Gretchen Kelly, working for the New York Post and…

“Let me thank you for a wonderful experience in Yorkshire.  Everything was wonderful. The two guides were amazing and I’d especially like to recommend the wonderful Johnnie Briggs in Haworth.”

Her article appeared in the New York Post:

“Although the town and its close connections with the Brontës is easy to walk and tour on your own, local guide and Michael-Caine-doppelganger Johnnie Briggs offers tours with wit, charm and lots Brontë family secrets.”

The full article can be viewed at:

Just as an aside you might want to think of Michael Caine in Miss Congeniality and later in his career.

April 2011, Dr Aida Levitan and her husband Roberto, visited Haworth on behalf of El Nuevo Herald, the USA’s leading Spanish daily:

“Johnnie, Roberto and I want to thank you for the exceptional guidance you gave us in Yorkshire.  He especially enjoyed meeting your friend, the farmer, and visiting her farm.  Of course, we are thrilled to have visited Haworth and learned so much from that visit as well as the tour of other attractions.”

May 2011, Liz Fleming from the Toronto Star explored the Worth Valley’s connection with the Railway Children. Liz was accompanied by Ted Flett Visit England’s representative in Canada. Her article can be viewed at:

In terms of her comments on the service that Brontë Walks provided for their visit:

 “Simply one of the best tour guides.”

Film and broadcasting

November 2011, Ms Raquel Quelart, a Spanish broadcaster working for La Vanguardia and her colleague Asunción Gómez. They were touring Yorkshire making short on-line travel journals for the newspaper. Their film will be available in early 2012 on the paper’s web site.

May 2011, Classical Destinations: Aled Jones’s Ultimate Travel Guide to Classical Music. This episode was based on Delius’ birthplace, Bradford. The director is Peter Beveridge:

“We arrived home last week after 34 days filming in Europe and the UK, exhausted but happy.  We are very excited about the results, the rushes looks just fantastic and the weather brilliant on screen. I have been fighting jet lag this week but have today reviewed the rushes from Bradford and I could not be happier.

I wanted to again express to you my great appreciation for all your help and assistance in making this all possible.”

Tour and Coach Operators

In 2011 I hosted three orientation visits for US and UK Tour Operators:

  • US Tour Operators: March 2011
  • Bradford’s ‘Castles and Gardens of Yorkshire’ Promotional Tour for Coach Operators, May 2011
  • Leeds and Pennine Yorkshire, October 2011

These are some of the comments from the operators on the ‘Castle’s and Gardens’ tour, May 2011:

“The highlight of the day was an insight into the past. Johnnie Briggs was outstanding.”

“If you are interested in the Brontë Story it is a must see and the tour guide is one of the best I have ever seen.”

“Haworth was wonderful… the Guide is outstanding.”

“Johnnie Briggs gave a very good impression and professionalism, his enthusiasm and knowledge shone through.”

One of the participants of this visit was the editor of Coach Monthly, Stuart Render:

“At the top of the village we were met by Johnnie Briggs, Johnnie is the most wonderful story teller, with a clear passion for his subject.”

His article, ‘Itinerary Planning: Yorkshire’, is in the July edition of the magazine, pages 18 to 22, which can be viewed at:

Trip Advisor

Brontë Walks opened a Trip Advisor page in July, 2011 and we have had wonderful feedback. In the Autumn of 2011 we were the Top Tour in Yorkshire. You can view these reviews at:

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