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Haworth Parish Church, West Lane Baptist Church Old busTour Operators

In order to help you and your customers make the most of their visit my company offers a range of services.

Meet and greet service for coach tours

This provides an orientation and a gentle stroll around the top of the village with stories from the Brontës of Haworth’s social history. The prices range from £20 to £60 depending on the length of time and range of guided services that are required.

Booking service for West Lane Baptist Church

The Church has excellent facilities and can provide rest rooms and a lounge area with hot drinks. It can also provide light lunches for large coach parties.

Onboard guide

This allows you to take a short tour around the immediate area and provides an outboard service that draws stories from the landscape and points of interest.

Range of guided tours

These can be tailored to the time that you have and the programme that you are looking to develop.

‘The Passionate Brontës’: This is an inspiring and entertaining stroll through the lives and times of the Rev Patrick Brontë’s remarkable family. This works well with a visit to the Museum, it really brings the house to life.

‘From Cotton to Worsted’: An enthralling journey through Haworth’s industrial revolution with stories of the mills, workers, the dynasties and the technologies that made their fortunes.

Planning and tailoring visits

We can tailor our services to meet your needs. No matter how large or small your group I can develop a programme to match. I have worked with Brontë enthusiasts, visiting journalists, social history groups, education groups, language schools and coach parties.

Bookings and costs

For details and costs of these services please contact Bronte Walks.

Email: info@brontewalks.co.uk
Mobile: 07749 108 105



In 2011 I hosted three orientation visits for US and UK Tour Operators:

  • US Tour Operators: March 2011
  • Bradford’s ‘Castles and Gardens of Yorkshire’ Promotional Tour for Coach Operators, May 2011
  • Leeds and Pennine Yorkshire, October 2011

These are some of the comments from the operators on the ‘Castle’s and Gardens’ tour, May 2011:

“The highlight of the day was an insight into the past. Johnnie Briggs was outstanding. If you are interested in the Brontë Story it is a must see and the tour guide is one of the best I have ever seen.Haworth was wonderful… the Guide is outstanding. Johnnie Briggs gave a very good impression and professionalism, his enthusiasm and knowledge shone through.”

One of the participants of this visit was the editor of Coach Monthly, Stuart Render

”At the top of the village we were met by Johnnie Briggs, Johnnie is the most wonderful story teller, with a clear passion for his subject.”

His article, ‘Itinerary Planning: Yorkshire’, is in the July edition of the magazine, pages 18 to 22, which can be viewed at:


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