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It is spring in the Worth Valley...the lambing has started, the Curlews and the Lapwings are deciding who shall have which areas to nest in and the Grouse are flying low over the moors.  It is breathtaking, still cold, but breathtaking.  You will still need lots of layers to venture out onto the high moors.

We offer a range of guided tours, walks and services that are designed to help you make the most of your visit to Haworth, the Worth Valley and the surrounding area.

This area has so much to offer visitors…

  • The breathtaking landscapes that inspired and sustained the Brontës.
  • The story of the Brontës themselves.
  • The steam railway that fills the valley with the sound of roaring trains and echoes to their whistles.
  • The cobbled streets, the shopping and the promise of sumptuous teas.
  • Foaming glasses of Timothy Taylors, or Steam Brewery Ales.
  • The mighty River Worth and the echoes of an industrial past found in the shadows of ruined mills and on the sets of packhorse bridges.
  • You can stand on Ponden Kirk and listen to the voices of Cathy and Heathcliffe as they ride the edge of the wind.
  • You can picnic in the ruins of Bolton Abbey and dip your toes into the cold waters of the River Wharfe.

You can do all this and so much more.

Trip Advisor update...

you can read our reviews on the Brontë Walks page of Trip Advisor and The Passionate Brontes is currently the second most popular tour in Yorkshire.


We love working with groups, associations, schools and colleges.  Two weeks ago we hosted a group of a A level English Literature students from Sandwich Technology School near Dover.  They spent the morning in the Parsonage attending their programme of lectures and then they came over to the Baptist Chapel to work with us.  We made the, jacket potatoes, salads, lemon drizzle cake and ice cream.  Then we explored elements of the Brontës Story; their lives, hopes, ambitions...the social history and context of the times, before heading off for a walk on the moors.

The comment from their teacher, Danny Rhodes...

'Johnnie's enthusiasm and knowledge for his subject matter shines through.  Couple that with his engaging personality and copelling storytelling and you're in for a real treat.  He is now a legend in the minds of our students and none of them will read the Brontës again without thinking of Johnnie and his workshop.'

March 20th, 2013


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