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This is a must for Brontë fans and lovers of the Pennine Moors.

The Brontë children had a love of nature that stems from their time exploring and walking across the moors.

This walk will take you up to Penistone Hill and across the moors to the top of the Bronte Falls and on up to Top Withens. We then carry on over the top of the moor and across the heater to stand on Ponden Kirk, Penistone Crag, and to listen for the echoes of Cathy and Heathcliffe on the edge of the wind. We descend to Ponden Hall and follow the track around the reservoir before climbing up and down again to the Brontë Falls. From there we follow the contour along the well trod track back to the village.

The walk is a good five hours at a gentle pace and covers some rough terrain.

The landscape is breathtaking and the views spectacular whatever the weather.


It’s essential to have good walking shoes, waterproofs and a day sack.  It can be cold on top of the Pennines and layers are recommended. There are wonderful photo opportunities so please bring your camera.

You will also need to bring water, a packed lunch and some fruit. The guide will have some flapjack just to keep you going.

We will be using the Ordnance Survey Map 0L21.


To discuss your requirements and negotiate the cost please contact...


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