Guided Walks onto the Moors

‘The Wild Workshop of their Imagination’

This is a must for Brontë fans and lovers of the high Pennine Moors. The Brontë children had a love of nature that stems from a lifetime exploring, playing in and walking across this landscape

This is the land of the Millstone Grits, those harsh, hard Carboniferous sandstones that give an edge to it, a wild beauty, especially the blanket bog that sits high above Top Withens and on the edge of the Alcomden Stones.

If landscapes inspire writers, then this is the perfect example.

The soundtrack of the moors is one of seasonal birdsong, the wind and the streams running off the moors.

The light changes as the day unfolds, with the colours changing as the clouds run across the sun and the seasons bring vivid flourishes of cotton grass, bracken and the glory of purple hillsides as the heather blooms in mid to late August.

It is simply breath taking.


Route A

From Stanbury to Top Withens

This is a gentle circular walk that takes in the view across to the Brontë Falls, the valley of South Dean Beck before climbing up to the ruins of Top Withens Farm.  This may well have been the location that Emily had in her mind for the site of Wuthering Heights.  There is an uphill section as we approach the farm and it is a bit of a pull up the hill.  But at a gentle pace and plenty of stops it is manageable and the reward is a spectacular view.  We return to Stanbury along the Pennine Way.

Route B

From Stanbury to the Alcomden Stones

This adds an extra dimension to Route A.  After arriving at Top Witihens we continue to climb the hillside behind the ruins and make our way up to the Alcomden Stones.  These are an Ice Age anomaly that sit on the edge of the Blanket Bog.  It is a wild and wonderful place.  The true playground of Cathy and Heathcliff.  We then make our way back down to the Pennines Way by following some of the sheep trails.

Route C

From Haworth to the Alcomden Stones, to Ponden Kirk and back through Stanbury.

This walk starts in Haworth and leads us across Pennistone Hill, the site of the stone quarries that supplied much of Haworth’s building stone.  From here we follow the contour path along to the Brontë Falls and Bridge before crossing the valley and following South Dean Beck up to Top Withens.  From here we continuing climbing up the Alcomden Stones and then drop down Middle Moor Clough and the shooting buts to Ponden Kirk, or Pennistone Crag in Wutheing Heights.  From here we decend to Ponden Reservoir and then make our way back to Haworth through Stanbury, crossing Lower Laithe Reservoir and entering the village along Cemetery Road.

The route is strenuous and a little difficult in places, with rocky paths, sheep trails and some lovely squelchy bits.

Route D

From Haworth to Hebden Bridge past Top Withens and down through Hardcastle Crags.

This walk takes you from Haworth to Hebden Bridge and crosses the Pennines above Top Withens.  The route follows Route C to Top Withens and then follows the Pennine Way as it crosses the top of the moor before descending to Walshaw Dean Reservoir.  We then climb over Wadsworth Moor before dropping into Hebden Dale and the National Trusts beautiful Hardcastle Crags.  If we are lucky Gibson’s Mill will be open for a cup of tea and to fortify ourselves before…

Either, climbing up to Heptonstall, where Sylvia Plath is buried and then descending into the Hebden Bridge for our reward of afternoon tea, or other appropriate refreshments.

Or, walking along Hebden Dale and dropping into Hebden Bridge itself, for the rewards of a walk well made.

We return to Haworth on the bus.

This is a long and inspiring walk, difficult in places with some rocky paths, but once into Hebden Dale the paths are smooth and broad.


Our prices reflect different routes and group numbers and all amounts are in pounds sterling.

Routes1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People
Route A
2 to 3 hours
Four miles
£40 each
£33 each
£30 each
£28 each
Route B
3 to 5 hours
five miles
£60 each
£46 each
£40 each
£36 each
Route C
4 to 6 hours
Nine miles
£70 each
£53 each
£45 each
£40 each
Route D
7 to 8 hours
12 miles
£85 each
£63 each
£52 each
£46 each