The Brontë Experience

Exploring the village, the Parsonage and the Moors

This is a wonderful way of exploring the story of the Brontës and a real treat for Brontë fans.

These tours are tailored to your interests and the specific questions that you would like to explore.

The day combines a tour of the village, a guided tour of the Parsonage Museum and a walk onto the moors.

These are really Brontë conversations as it gives us chance to share the books that have influenced your thinking, their letters, novels and their poetry as we explore the Brontës in the context of their lives, their home and their landscape.

The costs

These are based on a full day, up to eight hours, and include entrance to the museum and morning coffee.

The route we take onto the moors is a consideration of how far you would like to walk, the weather and your must see places.

For an individual:   The price is £200

For two people:  The price is £130 each

For three people:  The price is £100 each

For four people:   The price is £80 each


Please telephone Johnnie on 07749 108 105

Or email him at: