Education – Haworth and the Brontës

Walking Tours of Haworth

I say this a lot, but we will listen to what you need and tailor our tours to meet those needs.  Our guides don’t drown your group with information, they will engage with them, draw out their questions, find links and add value to your day.

In Haworth our work is often an excellent prelude to visiting the Parsonage Museum.  We love looking at the context, the social history and the theological roots of the story.

Days in Haworth

When you can combine a great guided tour with a walk out onto the moors to Top Withens, or beyond and up to the Alcomoden Stones, you have the recipe for a perfect day.

Our guides are happy to take your group up onto to the moors to explore the landscape that inspired the sisters and to explore the landscape itself.  The wildlife, the plants,  the story of the rocks themselves and those that live and work here.  Leri, Rachel and myself are all currently undertaking the British Mountaineering Council’s ‘Walking Group Leaders’ programme.

A base for your visit

No matter if you are coming for a morning and a walking tour, or to spend a day with us, we can provide you with a base.  Brontë Walks are proud to work with Haworth Baptist Church and having access to their community rooms, rest rooms and kitchen means that we can offer you excellent facilities that will make your day just that bit easier.

There is Wi-Fi in the Baptist Church, teaching rooms if you require them and it is all within two minutes of the Parsonage, Parish Church and top of the village.