Walking Tours

We love doing walking tours and our guides have a light touch with words, they are story tellers and they know that they are there to engage with your clients, to draw them in, for them to have a really lovely day.  They will enthral them and bring their visit to life.


The costs depend on what you would like us to do.  They start from £100 for a tour lasting up to an hour and a full two hour walking tour of York or Haworth are priced from £160.

Walking tours of Haworth and York

Our favourite places to guide in are of course Howarth and York, these are close to our hearts.

We are very good at bringing the story of the Brontë family to life and weaving their lives into the social fabric of the times.

We are also very good at bringing York to life.  We offer an overview of the City and over 2,000 years of history as seen in it’s buildings, streets and the stories of those who have lived, worked and formed the City.  Our speciality is in Tudor York and the stories of the religious houses, Henry VIII, the reformation, the Guilds and the wonder of the Medieval mind.

But there is so much more.

We can’t do everything and we are happy to say no, that is beyond our expertise or knowledge.  But we often know someone who can do the parts that we are not so sure of and that is the beauty of being part of the network of Blue Badge Guides.  We will help you find the guide that you need.